An eviction diversion program enables landlords and tenants to arrive at an agreement that works for both parties, without having to go to Court. This program will focus on tenants who certify to their landlords that they experienced a COVID-19 related financial hardship between March 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020.  Benefits of diversion and mediation include:

  • Tenants avoid an eviction filing or judgment on their record that could prevent them from accessing quality housing in the future.
  • Landlords save money by avoiding court fees and attorney expenses.
  • The Court reduces caseloads, putting less strain on the Court.
  • Assist low-income renters and landlords to apply for available rental assistance and other resources to stabilize their housing during the pandemic.
  • Landlords will be able to recoup back rent owed and avoid vacancies and unit turnover costs.